What I do/Who I Work With

What I do:  Deep, heart centred coaching. Bespoke. Not time based.

I work with you if you’re ready to make a change to your life.  Change can feel frightening and disorienting but you know you  want to live with more connection or more purpose. Perhaps you want more balance between work and home life; or you have a life you’ve put up with for a long time and you know change is needed. The bottom line is you’re ready to change, ready to make a difference, ready to make a contribution.

I choose who I work with because I believe there must be the right energy between us. I would rather say “No” and not work with you if it doesn’t feel right. If possible I will find you someone else to work with.


Life is all about vibration and resonance. We walk on the planet as living, breathing beings of light and energy. Sometimes we resonate with someone and sometimes we don’t. It’s not personal!
You may have experienced it yourself; you meet someone and immediately feel a rapport or you meet someone and instinctively feel uncomfortable and/or want to move away from them. Of course, this is not cast in concrete and often we discover that our first impressions or feelings were totally wrong. So I think it’s just a case of listening to what your body tells you and what you feel intuitively.


Yes! I believe when you learn to listen to your intuition, it’s right 99% of the time.  It’s not just about listening to your intuition, it’s about taking action based on your intuition which always knows what is best for you.   I’m not alone, Oprah Winfrey also lives by her intuition.

Intuition plays a big part in the way I work and I help people to access and trust their intuition. It’s like having your own GPS, your own unique system of evaluating what’s true for you. Your ability to know what is true for you is the difference between living a life of freedom and joy and living a life where you’re always looking over your shoulder for other people’s approval and validation.hands tied


How do you want to live your life?
What are you not doing that you always wanted to do?
Do you spend your life preparing to live?
Do you create your life or wait for life to happen?


Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In the space is the power to choose our response.
In our responses lies our growth and our freedom
                                                                   Victor Frankl