Happy clients

“Two years after I’d stopped working in a PR career that had spanned some 40 years I still hadn’t moved on. Initially I was full of enthusiasm for the next stage; I had a kernel of an idea that I was excited about but as time passed there was clearly something holding me back that I couldn’t identify and my self-belief drained away. I just couldn’t get started.

I felt as though there was a hollow core within coupled with a deep pain of uncertainty and lack of confidence.

A long chat with Marian has begun to unblock my inertia. She has an emotional empathy that pierces through to the underlying problems and then quietly but firmly keeps one focussed on what could be done first, linked to practical suggestions on how to begin. Just begin. And that’s a special gift. I know she’ll be there for the next step too – my personal safety net. Held gently, guided and then allowed to fly”. JG  The other side of 60. 


“I have done a lot of work on myself, counselling, I meditate regularly, I do Reiki, Theta healing and I read a lot etc……This technique (working with Marian) opens the doors to self discovery when you are stuck on your journey.

I found it very interesting to learn that how I feel within myself, is a reflection of not only of what I think about myself but also how I view the world.

The saying ‘as within so without’ takes on a whole new meaning.

Thank you Marian! Keep up the good work!

KZ  Seriously smart business woman. 40+


“Two young people within my immediate family had become estranged and it was sad that there seemed no way of reaching them.  Firstly, Marian led me through a series of questions and then visualisations, she then gave me a mantra ‘I choose the end result of ……….’ which I took away and chanted, … and chanted …. together with feeling and seeing my end result.  I was amazed and thrilled when, within two days, an email arrived from the seventeen year old, offering ‘ an olive branch.’ Both young people are now happily integrated into our family again and it feels wonderful!
Thanks to Marian, a very stressful and painful situation was resolved so successfully.” AW.  60+ Guided by her intuition


Thank you so much for your brilliant session. It has really helped me. I am in much more of a positive place thinking of the fun times ahead.
You were brilliant. Best wishes AF  40+ Lovely soul


“A year ago I didn’t know why I was exhausted at work and why I felt completely burnt out. I left my teaching job not knowing what to do next but knowing things had to change and praying to God to show me what he wanted me to do.

I knew I wanted to change direction to find a fulfilling job that didn’t drain me, but didn’t know which way to turn.

Working with Marian made me realise that I did have the spark of an idea of what to do with my life, but that one’s ego can be strong and constraining. I didn’t know that my powerful, resilient ego could come up with so many reasons why it seemed utterly ridiculous to aim for this role. What would my family think? How would my friends react? How would I pay for the training? Wouldn’t it be a bit old fashioned? Would I be any good at any of it? …

In one session with a follow-up email discussion, Marian helped me to peel away the suffocating layers that I had wrapped myself into. My ego had to step aside. When Marian helped me to do this I was able to visualise myself; accomplished and joyous in my chosen role. This process allowed me to give value to what had seemed impossible and ridiculous earlier that day. I could then finally accept and embrace my new career choice – to be a priest.” T.S.  30+ Young mum, 3 children, beautifully intuitive and trusting her own wisdom


Marian is a very insightful coach. We had a rushed conversation during the break at conference and she immediately identified the issue which gave me a new perspective that enable me to move forward. Her approach is quiet, reflective yet razor sharp!” S.I.  40+ Powerful business woman, making her mark in the world


Marian has a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience that combined together has helped her not only produce fantastic products but also to be an excellent support and adviser in many health related matters. A.P.G  40+ Insightful mentor and cool business woman


I first visited Marian in November 2015 following a stream of debilitating coughs and colds, which together with an inability to sleep, had left me feeling very run down and susceptible to anything going!  I had little or no energy and to my utter dismay, it seemed as if I were going through a second menopause – weight gain, mood swings, night sweats and the like.

Marian is an extremely gifted practitioner who was quickly able to identify and remedy the vitamin deficiencies in my body.  For me, however, her most precious gift is her remarkably perceptive intuition.  After just two visits she was “picking up messages” from my body telling her what were the real issues underlying my malaise.

 “I feel as if you are stuck” she said in her very easy, non-judgemental manner and then left me to fill in the silence … which I did.  In fact everything seemed to just tumble out – current issues, unresolved issues and painful relationships from years back.

I am usually rather reluctant to talk freely about any problems (it’s usually me doing the listening) but Marian’s gentle cajoling and prodding – at times very unsettling – teased out the issues that had been troubling me and with her guidance I was able to recognise what was causing my dis-ease. And even better, resolve how to deal with it!

Thank you dear Marian. With love x


I came to Marian in summer of 2016 with a few various ailments including low energy levels and chronic lower back pain. I immediately found Marian to be very intuitive yet diagnostically precise in getting to the heart of the problem. Following my detox programme consisting of nutritional therapy and other various techniques Marian always had up her sleeve, within weeks my energy levels rocketed and my lower back pain completely subsided. Seeing Marian at work and developing a great ongoing relationship, I started to see the power of Marian’s ability to intuit the heart of the matter and continued to work with her on more life and work related issues. I asked Marian to support me with some coaching to help me work on some business and life purpose challenges. Even just after one session, it was like Marian was in my head knowing what the right questions to ask and guiding me to clarity and a new compelling future. Marian has an extraordinary capacity to get straight to the heart of the matter using her brilliant intuitive as well as diagnostic skills to know the right treatment or questions to ask. She is one of a kind.    RM