Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching 


Executive Coaching incorporates Life Coaching and C-IQ – Conversational Intelligence.

You may have heard of EQ, Emotional Intelligence? Well, Conversational Intelligence is the next generation of intelligences that enables us to understand how to move from “Icentric” to“WEcentric.”  WEcentric is about connecting, navigating and growing WITH others.

Conversational Intelligence provides frameworks for building trust and co-creation at any level of an organisation.   

Why is C-IQ unique?

Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) gives us insight into how our brain responds during conversations.  Conversations activate our trust and distrust ‘networks’ in our brain; they either open us up or close us down.  

Words create worlds and the words we use have the power to change the brain.   Typically we produce Cortisol or Oxytocin which influence our behaviour and our decisions. 

Your boardroom decision could be driven by high levels of cortisol! 

Without the understanding of the neuroscience behind the conversations we have, there can be a breakdown in relationships both socially and professionally.  Simply put, Conversatonal Intelligence is essential to an organisation’s ability to create shared meaning about what needs to be accomplished and why, so that employees get excited and are clear about the future they are helping to create.

I work with CEO’s and their teams to create and co-create the outcomes they want.