Your Genes Are Not Your Fate

In the news recently there has been talk of a “super flu” sweeping the country. The media is reporting that doctors are urging the general public to have the flu vaccination. Is it really necessary? Well that is a conversation for another day but it got me thinking about the way we think about medicine, doctors and health in general.

Today, I want to talk to you about our “programmes” and the way we think about our health and our lives. We’re taught from childhood to see a doctor if we’re sick and we’re conditioned to believe that DNA controls both our characteristics and behaviours.



Often we put disease down to our genes, particularly when it comes to sickness like heart disease and cancer, but I wonder if you know that less than 1% of disease is actually caused by “faulty genes”?

You’ve probably heard the expression “mind over matter.” You might already recognise there’s a lot of truth in this expression as the science behind it is now hitting the mainstream news stories.

Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene expression that don’t involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence. In plain English, it’s the fact that environmental signals can control our genes. It’s now scientifically proven that our genes have the ability to change!

Your genes are like the plans that make the physical building blocks of the body – they determine if you have brown eyes or green eyes. What’s new is that our thoughts can influence our genes!

This means you are not a victim of your genes! Change your thinking and your attitudes and you’ll change your blood and biochemistry!

You can find out more about the science around this subject here. There is a great TED Talk on the subject too here.

Putting mind over matter is easier said than done, especially when we’ve been running our ‘programmes’ since childhood. We carry around a lot of beliefs in our subconscious and often they’re simply thoughts and ideas that we accepted as true when we were children. They’re programmes that aren’t ours but we run them!

I have a client, let’s call him Greg, who came to me with symptoms of burn out and adrenal fatigue. He said he was stressed with work, stressed at home, he had multiple physical symptoms and he wasn’t sleeping well.

We talked about the different challenges he was facing– his mother had cancer and Greg and his siblings were sharing the duties around her care and taking her to her appointments with her oncologist.  Juggling his home life and the huge work responsibilities at his new job was putting him under a lot of strain.

It’s at times like this that most people just want comfort food. And Greg was no exception.

He was running ‘programmes’ from childhood, where he learned from his mum when she was stressed, that chocolate and biscuits were what you needed to cheer yourself up.

Of course, Greg was eating chocolate and biscuits without thinking about it. It was all he knew from his childhood about how people coped with stress.

I helped him see what was happening, we worked out some stress management techniques he could fit into his routine everyday. He began to meditate regularly, he changed his diet and added exercise three times a week. Soon he noticed big improvements in his physical and mental wellbeing.

If you are what and how you think – and your health or emotional well being is less than 6/10 – then changing your mind-set could be a priority for you.

I love this saying: “the issues are in the tissues.” It’s so true.

Please call me if you’d like to chat this through. I believe that your health is your number one priority and there may be really simple things you can do to make a difference!



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