Strategic or Free Choice?

What guides or motivates the decisions we take in life?

It’s so easy to give in to short-term needs and wants. We’ve become a society that expects instant gratification, food, sex, alcohol…. there’s no longer that sense of having to wait for something we really want.

So we no longer go through a conscious process of choice. We want it- we have it. Which is fine up to a point. But what happens about the big things in life, what happens about choosing jobs, partners, homes and our lives?

These choices have consequences which can impact us for life. These are strategic choices that lead us to our future life and hopefully we make them based on our aspirations and values, but so often we don’t, we compromise. We make decisions based on our beliefs or our fears; or we make them based on other people’s opinions or dreams for us.

After years of training in form and structure in music, Robert Fritz recognized that there was also a structural form or a pattern to our stories – those stories we talk about of relationships that didn’t work out or jobs we ended up hating, stories of business deals that always end up a mess, stories of our lives that seem to be repeated. He discovered that there was always a precise logic or pattern to our lives. The problem is that we can’t see it ourselves because we’re in the story, we’re part of it.

If you run a pattern in your life – we all do- and you would like to be able to make different choices for a different future you now have an opportunity to work with the founder of ‘Macro Structural Patterning’.
Take this unique opportunity to join international bestselling author Robert Fritz and Rosalind Fritz for ‘CHOICES’, a dynamic and life changing workshop in London.

Discover how your personal pattern of choices creates your life now and how you can choose differently in the future. 
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