Patterns and Choices – we start young………

Today, my client, a little boy of 6, [I’ll call him James] was brought to see me for severe stomach pain. So bad, he’d ended up in         A & E a few weeks ago. He’s done the round of several paediatricians, top consultants in Harley St and all his lab tests come back negative. He’s been taken off wheat, dairy and a host of other foods. He has this pain all the time. Sometimes he can’t eat because of the pain. He’s only 6 years old.

I do many things in my practice, I work with whatever modality I think will best serve my client. But no matter what I do, I always start with hands-on work and tuning in to what really troubles this person. And this is what I did today. James has an older brother, only one year older, who verbally terrorises him. He has no choice but to do the best he can to handle it. He chooses not to tell his mother and not to tell his father. His loyalty is painful to see as he struggles to tell me when his mother is out of the room.

It struck me so forcibly today, that this is the age our patterns start, this is the age we decide what our world looks like and we make our choices accordingly. Those patterns and beliefs stay with us, they inform every decision and every choice we make. The problem is, our patterns are invisible to us. They become hard wired into us and they’re hard to break free of. I wondered today what choices James will make in the future. Will loyalty or misguided loyalty be one of his characteristics?

If this interests you, come and explore your own patterns with Robert and Rosalind Fritz, founders of Macro Structural Patterning in June. I shall be there to uncover mine.

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