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Stressed or Burnt Out?


Hitting burn out is bad for your health. If you’re already at that point, it means you weren’t able to recognise the signs or symptoms of stress that your body was giving you.

We don’t crash over night, even though it might appear as if we do.

Stress comes in many different forms – it could be a big life stress like the death of someone you’re close to or being in a car crash, it could also be any of the little things we get used to living with – from an argument with your boss or your other half, having a tooth infection or flu, it could be you’re in pain – gut pain, a bad back or neck and shoulder  problems.  Pain of any description is very debilitating and stressful.

They may seem like small stresses but if they happen at the same time or they accumulate over time, your adrenal system becomes overloaded and you never have a chance to recover.

We tend to hit burn out when the amount of stress we have is too much for our body to cope with and that can be emotionally, mentally or physically.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, MD, secretary, sandwich maker or tube driver.  Your ability to handle stress has nothing to do with your position/your income/your background or any label it would be convenient to give it.

I work with CEO’s, MD’s and professional men and women  who are exhausted and burnt out from giving everything to other people and nothing to themselves.

Over 20 years in practice, I’ve seen that when you put all your energy into looking after your husband/partner or your children/parents or your work and  career, there is a common theme –  you forget to look after  yourself and your  own health and well-being suffers.

If this is you, you might be suffering from having zero energy, feeling tired all the time, (doctors write TATT in your notes) joint pain, hot flushes and many more symptoms which, when you go to the doctor don’t seem to have any physical or chemical cause.

Stress and it’s consequences impact all areas of your life.  From experience, I’ve found that once you’ve hit burn out, you may need help in a number of different areas. Everyone is different so what you need is tailored to you. I have suffered burn out too so I know what it’s like! 

Alternatively, if you feel you’re heading towards burn out, don’t wait for it to happen.  

Act now to prevent it – Call me and let’s see what will help you.

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